Friday, January 29, 2016

Questioning of The Corporate State

in my lifetime it's only been
the pundits like Chris Hedges
the outlaws like Hunter S Thompson
the outsiders
who have questioned the
corporate oligarchy that
America has become

so if you're an egoist
Donald J Trumps your man

but if you're compassionate?
here's a liberal
73 year old
Jewish guy
for you

I was a baby boomer
and thought the revolution
would be led by the young

but Bernie Sanders?

the young follow him
on the internet
what they call the millennials
the new generation

and now the slander will begin
bullets of words
and maybe
actual ones?

power is intransigent

what happens now
how sick
our democracy really is
how sick
we really are

here in...
The Great American Spiritual Desert

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

~~~~~Janitors & Custodians~~~~~

Human Beings. Homo Sapiens. As our overidentifiction with our time bound egos fragments.......our consciousness, our lives, and our planet.......we miss all the life and intelligence that surrounds us. We think too highly of ourselves. We think that we are the culmination of all species. God's masterpiece. But are we really?

There are 14 or so spacetime galaxies in Earth's proximity.......all destined to come one.....and.....our Milky Way galaxy and Andromeda are among them......and as they do 'this dance'.....the surfaces of the habitable planets within their star systems are regularly bombarded with the violence of meteors and radiation.......'clearing their surfaces' for the evolution of new species. This is 'the dance' the known universe does. Everything comes and goes.

Mankind has violently done what it usually takes astronomical events to do....clear the surface of a planet and prepare it for new species to evolve.....the effects of our 'industry' lead 100 species a day into extinction. Death. The universe has created in Mankind the '1st species' to do it's 'dirty work' for it....for in the past.....only supervolcanos and pole shifts.....geological events.....'cleared the deck'....'shook the etch-o-sketch'.......and.....'set the stage'......for the arrival of many new species....a new 'epoch' in the Earth's 'continual drama'.

We are just 'in house' janitors and custodians.....'clear-cutting' the surface of our planet....for the 'next crop' of species. Our time bound egos' blinding us' to the fact that the universe does not hold us 'any more dearly' than it did the dinosaur.....we are the cause of the 6th great extinction of species....on this planet. Mankind is just a 'hired hand'.........a 'temporary species'.....and a 'janitor' of sorts. We are really not a very good 'custodian' all.

And the dance goes on......


Saturday, February 9, 2013

The American Dream

What is The American Dream? Where can it be found? Is it in the Porno-Pop Culture of  Fame? Does it reside in the Shimmering-Limelight-Illusions of Hollywood? Or is it entrenched in East Coast Wealth passed down from Generation to Generation? Is it in the Get-Rich-Quick California kinda dreamin' ? From all the land grabbin' to The Gold Rush to Silicon Valley? Is The American Dream captive of all those bouncing balls in the Powerball Lottery machine? Is it in our hopes for the Next Generation of Americans? Funny that American Dreaming seems always to be on the surface, but the thing about it that isn't so funny is The Native Americans had a dream too, and we extinguished that one. Replacing living, as one with Mother Nature, with some kind of Sadomasochistic Rape & Bondage Theme, a movable feast of fetishes, power, and greed. A dream turned into a nightmare, for these days we have begun to realize we gotta start dreamin' like the dream we extinguished, or the livability of Mother Earth is doomed, and we, along with it. Funny? Not so funny? What they call Global Warming has made even The Hippies of The '60s seem on the right track. The American Dream has to turn from the exterior world of things, which we have surely abused, into the interior world of values, which we have sorely neglected.
Now the deal is dreaming is an interior kinda thing and sets up how we relate to reality. Our dreams make sense of the way we live and tell us about the world we live in. Dreams tell us who we are. MLK saw that The American Dream in this kinda way, and his was a dream of interior values. The American Dream of acceptance and equality.
The American Empire is crumbling 'like matchsticks into one another' to quote Dylan, who as the Poet Laureate of The '60s was not kind to The American Dream. He got inside her and tap danced around, as Dylan always said, he was just a song and dance man. The only revolution is a Revolution of Consciousness and The Psychedelic '60s pointed to the fact that everything is alive, connected, whole, and sacred. Living is being. The moment timeless. Such dreaming can take us ever deeper into The River of Life. 
So are we as Americans going to continue to let The Dogs of Capitalism, psychopathic international corporations, define The American Dream for us? Dumb us down and market her as a shallow whore of consumption ? Will we continue to let the religious dogmas that gave birth to Manifest Destiny, and dominion over all, continue to blind us to the fact that everything is alive and deserves it's place under the sun? Will we forever dream so shallowly? Fitfully? Tossing to and fro? Well? The Smart Boys in Las Vegas always put their money on The Capitalists when they place their bets. The Hippie Way is such a long shot you can always get good odds on that one. Me? I think The American Empire is gonna fall because we were dreaming the wrong dream. We did have a chance in The '60s to start dreaming a different dream, a dream of interior realities, but the intrinsic value of what the young were saying to their elders in those days was ignored, and only met with control, disdain. Thought always trumps love in this World of Illusions, a realm where Maya readily grows and flourishes. It's like this world is supposed to be fucked up. What can go wrong will go wrong. Murphy's Law.
So what do you want from this life? What's going to fulfill you? How do you see The American Dream? How do you see things? What do you dream of? It's all about the individual you know. Societies are only as strong as the character of their citizens.
There are two links posted below, one is a Wikipedia link to The American Dream, the other a talk given by Krishnamurti. Are we gonna end up like Willy Lohman saying: "I realized what a ridiculous lie my whole life has been."? Are we gonna jump in The Red Shark with our lawyer and head to Vegas from The Polo Lounge, ignoring all the bats along the way, searching for The American Dream? Are we gonna be as accepting as Huckleberry Finn? As loving as MLK? What's it gonna be?
 I believe that Americans these days see The American Dream as an interior kinda thing, spiritual values over materialistic accumulation, so to speak, but you rarely get that from the media. Like old Norman Rockwell up there painting his portrait it's a question of how we see things? How do we see ourselves? America needs to take a good look in that mirror. We need to see ourselves as we actually are, because The American Dream may be dead and buried upon the grounds of Robert E Lee's old home, resting by The Potomac River. Arlington National Cemetery. We have to dig her up and breathe new life into her.
We need a new American Mythology. One that's alive in the moment. Not the one entombed in the plastic of Disneyland. 
Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me,
I'm not sleepy and there is no place I'm going to.
Hey! Mr. Tambourine man, play a song for me,
in the jingle jangle morning I'll come following you.
Then take me disappearin' though the smoke rings of my mind,
Down the foggy ruins of time, far past the frozen leaves,
The haunted frightened trees, out to the windy beach,
Far from the twisted reach of crazy sorrow,
Yes to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free,
Silhouetted by the sea, circled by the circus sands,
With all memory and fate driven deep beneath the waves,
Let me forget about today until tomorrow. 
Bob Dylan
 How can we dream
 The American Dream
 American Mythology
 wakes up?
Mother Earth
has set
the clock
The Great American Spiritual Desert 

         "Las Vegas is the savage heart of The American Dream." Dr Hunter S Thompson


From February 6th through the 9th 2013 on Kinfonet....The Krishnamurti Quote of The account of the 5th Public Talk given in Ommen, Holland on the 12th of August, 1938. Just hit.....'next quote'.....and over 4 days you get the entire talk.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The American Culture of Guns and Fear

  Gun laws work, all you have to do is google Australia to find a shining example (the assault rifle ban worked here for years too with the exception of Columbine), but now the NRA is going to tell us that even though it might have worked 'over there' you'll have to pry my gun out of my cold dead hands to take it from me. I ain't gonna give up my guns. Why in Virginia these days I can even pack heat at the local diner. That's The 2nd Amendment my boy. That's what America is all about. Guns and Fear. Arm the schools. Arm the churches. Arm the parking lots. There will come a time when The Guys in the Black Hats show up with their guns and The Guys in the White Hats better be carrying their pieces too. All very Cowboy and Indian. All very very  Bad Karma.
   There's going to be a lot of Fear and Loathing in the carnival of our political discourse in the coming days and it's going to last more than one or two news cycles. There's a lot of people fed up with guns and the killing, and there's a lot of people paralyzed by that fear and dependent on their guns. Things are going to get real nasty, because we as a nation have more guns than the rest of the world, and we're good at killing each other with them.
   This is going to be just another 'litmous test' of  our American Character. We'll watch the pundits, politicians, and talking heads as we remember the twenty dead 6 year olds.........all this dialogue destined to make the sane sick at heart. And there will be questions........
   Will we expand our mental health programs to the Pre-Gipper Years and beyond? Will the CDC take up gun violence as a health issue like they did car accidents? Will owning guns be regulated like owning cars? Will assault weapons be banned again? Will any of this stop the killing? Not only the fame of mass murder, but the ignominious everyday run of the mill murders we see on the news everyday? Will our sense of community embrace our outcasts so that they would not attack us? Not in the America I know......
   Wars of aggression, torture, drone killings, predatory financial practices, domestic spying: we live in a Kingdom of Corporate Whores, shills for the military-industrial-congressional complex, and we spread death better than the proverbial Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse. All you got to do is watch. It's on your television set everyday, but whomever speaks in favor of guns will do so with a backdrop of 20 dead children's faces.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Democracy versus Capitalism

   Another school shooting. Another American Mass Murder, graded on the amount of indifference and carnage, weighed in upon the scales of fame, and now, the POTUS says that this is unacceptable and we must change. Change what? Gun laws? Mental health programs? The fabric of American community? How deep must the change go for such atrocities to end?
  When democracy finally realizes that capitalism has no values, with the exception of the more, and that our capitalist culture is what denigrates our personal relationships, and the fabric of community, maybe that would be a start of some real change. These days it seems as if all the functions of capitalism, of management itself,  have turned on American society. The financial crisis of 2008. Shipping manufacturing jobs overseas. Capitalism seems to value labor only as a commodity and fails to realize that consumers and employees are essentially human beings, much more than functions and commodities. Americans are citizens, and it's democracy that allows every corporation the right  to exist. Democracy has the ability to pull the plug on any capitalist venture, but our representative government has been bought wholesale by capitalism, ruled by their narrow interests, all covertly administered by corporate lobbyists. Even banning assault weapons is a law we passed that was washed under the bridge.
   Change? Our society is based on competition, individual relationships of mutual usage, all based on greed, on wealth, on fame, and such a social compact has it's very foundation resting upon such violence. No wall streeter went to jail. George Bush is a war criminal and nothing at all happened to him. We started this country on the genocide of the Native Americans and the enslavement of other races. We're the only country to drop atomic weapons on another people. We have a deep history of violence. We're even killing other peoples children with drones, but these days Corporate America not only feeds on the other nations of the world, but on it's own people. Violence seems to be 'the flowering' of who we are. To change that demands more than outlawing assault weapons, requiring background checks, and upping the scope of community health services. Such change requires a change in the way we see ourselves, a change in the way we live.
   You have to find this out for yourself, for there are no political or religious answers. All the people of the world are more than employees, more than consumers, more than accumulated wealth, more than fame, even more than citizens. What are we? We all have but a short time upon this earth to ask these questions, made even shorter by corporate environmental degradation and poisoning: what we call Global Warming. What is the answer?

Monday, April 11, 2011

~~~Success Implies Brutality~~~

   Our stomachs demand that we kill to survive~~~as this Remington painting Hungry Moon reveals. It's a sorrowful part of living within the violence of space-time, as the second law of thermodynamics applies to all systems. It is the way it is. All things must pass~~~they are temporary~~~and~~~death is at the end of everything. But in our temporal existence here on earth where all in the end is impermanent~~~do we have to be so ruthless in our accumulations? Do we not see ourselves in our fellow man? Can we not take what we need and leave the rest? Hunter gatherers like the American Indians above were much more sane than my fellowman these days~~~for thought and mankind's inventions~~~have brutalized us more than we can imagine. Some tribes of Indians had no word for~~~sacred~~~for everything was sacred to them. The culture that I grew up in looked at everything as an object~~~to be acquired~~~and used. Is everything living~~~or dead? Krishnamurti put it this way~~~the essence of control is suppression. We suppress the life in ourselves and in others~~~all to try and hold on to what by nature is impermanent. Much dark humor in this. Fragmentation is insanity. Thought is destroying the planet. And we think of The Indian Lifestyle as savage.

Friday, April 8, 2011

~~~A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand~~~

"House Divided" Speech by Abraham Lincoln

   Does today's Class War compare to The Civil War? Will there ever rise such a man as this to appeal to~~~The Better Angels of Our Nature~~~or will politicians forever more be bought and sold by the powers that be? How does the denial of personal freedom compare to the social denegration that springs from~~~economic and environmental destruction? Who can live peaceably together with slaveholders~~~or~~~corporate entities that have no social responsibilities? Is democracy for All The People~~~or~~~is it a Tattered Quilt of states rights? Was it really~~~North vs South? Is it really~~~Democratic America vs Corporate America? Blue vs Grey~~~or~~~Red vs Blue? Today there are Two Americas~~~the haves~~~and the have nots~~~and i don't believe we'll ever be blessed with a man such as this~~~to unite our house divided.